Children’s Ministry

Teaching our children diligently

Our children’s ministry workers hope to aide parents in the instruction of our children in godliness.  We also invite you to serve with us in this important ministry!

Child Care

Child care is available on Sundays during Sunday School and worship service. Child Care is located downstairs below the chapel.


Junior Worship

The purpose of the Junior Worship is to provide a service for families with young children, to help teach what worship is to these children, and help prepare them for sitting under the preaching of the Word as they get older.

Elements of Junior worship include:

  • Singing of hymns/songs that we sing upstairs, with explanations of difficult phrases in those songs
  • Corporate prayers of praise, confession, thanksgiving, supplications
  • Scripture readings
  • Recitation of monthly memory verses and children’s catechisms
  • 10-15 minute lessons, where children are continually exhorted, disciplined, and affirmed toward sitting quietly and actively listening. Lessons based on either:
    • Story book bible lessons (Big Picture Story, The Biggest Story, etc.)
    • Selected scripture passages