Sunday School Classes

A survey of all truth and righteousness

Our Sunday school classes provide a pathway to grow deeper in our understanding of God’s Word and its application. This is another way KBC hopes to disciple people

Sunday school classes are a great way for our teachers to equip the saints for ministry, in hopes that we grow in gospel unity and Christian maturity (Eph 4.11-13). We try to have classes in every subject area of the Christian life: OT and NT surveys, systematic theology, bible study methods, parenting, finances, evangelism, etc.

Sunday school differs from sitting under the preaching of the Word in at least three ways: 1) There is much more room for dialogue; 2) there tends to be more teaching of doctrines that will help you understand the preached Word; 3) there are regular opportunities for non-elders to teach who are growing in their teaching skills

Currently Available Classes:

Doctrine of Worship: a look at corporate worship in the Bible, and what God requires of us in it (Sep 30-Dec 16) in room 1 of lower building

5th-12th Grade Class: Sunday mornings at 9am in room 3 of the lower building.

Kindergarden to 4th Grade Class. Sunday mornings at 9am in the large room below the chapel.

3 to 5 Year Old Class. Sunday mornings at 9am in the makai classroom closest to parking lot.