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The Ministry of the Word

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If there is one thing that makes KBC relatively unique, it is a total devotion and dependence upon the Word of God. Jesus said we live “by every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matt 4.4) and “abide in my word” (John 8.31). Therefore, everything we do centers on His Word. We will only try to build our church numerically by the Word. We will only try to help our members grow spiritually by the Word. Our whole worship service centers around the preached Word. As we do this, we can trust that God—and God alone—will do the work of salvation.

We should let children come to Christ because: Jesus can bless like no other Children are a part of the Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom Marriage

March 8, 2020
Three biblical truths about marriage: Divorce is never God's will (1-6) Remarriage is adultery (7-9) Marriage is not the be-all, end-all (10-12)
Jesus calls us to an impossibly high calling: forgive without limit. We can only be helped by God's mercy toward us

Authoritative Soul Care

February 16, 2020

Kingdom Greatness

February 9, 2020
true greatness is having the lowly status of a child, one who simply wants to please the Father, as well as having a deep care for the souls of other…

Faith to Move Mountains

February 2, 2020
the death and resurrection of Jesus should ground our faith and empower us to right living

The Transfiguration

January 19, 2020

The Things of God

January 12, 2020

Joseph, Son of David

December 24, 2019

Other Teachings
Diane had a terrible bike accident in 2012. Tom and Diane share of God's amazing grace through her recovery

Who is Ebenezer?

May 18, 2014