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The Ministry of the Word

If there is one thing that makes KBC relatively unique, it is a total devotion and dependence upon the Word of God. Jesus said we live “by every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matt 4.4) and “abide in my word” (John 8.31). Therefore, everything we do centers on His Word. We will only try to build our church numerically by the Word. We will only try to help our members grow spiritually by the Word. Our whole worship service centers around the preached Word. As we do this, we can trust that God—and God alone—will do the work of salvation.

Summary of the gospel of Luke (1-5) Summary of their last conversation (6-8) Summary of the Ascension (9-11) Meditations: The ascension is an indispensable part of the gospel The ascension…
God is angry at the world's sin, and we know it (18-20) God deserves glory, but we refused it (21-23)
The gospel is the power of God for believers unto salvation In the gospel God reveals His righteousness
The gospel: Produces fruit (13) compels us toward all peoples (14) is something the Church needs (15)
Paul expressed love: by saying how thankful he was for the Romans (8) by expressing how badly he wanted to see them (9-10) by expressing his need for them (11-12)

Grace for Obedience

April 19, 2020
God's plan for the world is "the obedience of faith" (5) Each Christian is a part of that plan (6-7)
Paul introduces: himself spiritually (1) the nature of the Bible (2) the heart of the gospel (3-4)
Walk worthy of being called "the Body of Christ": Pursue the unity of the Spirit (1-16) Pursue gospel-motivated repentance (17-32)
The Church: Has the most important message gives the most meaningful care has the best approach to suffering has the best approach to death
Abandon yourself and embrace Christ: Give away everything to follow Jesus (16-22) If you let go of everything, you have everything (23-30)
We should let children come to Christ because: Jesus can bless like no other Children are a part of the Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom Marriage

March 8, 2020
Three biblical truths about marriage: Divorce is never God's will (1-6) Remarriage is adultery (7-9) Marriage is not the be-all, end-all (10-12)
Jesus calls us to an impossibly high calling: forgive without limit. We can only be helped by God's mercy toward us

Authoritative Soul Care

February 16, 2020

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Joseph, Son of David

December 24, 2019

This is Jesus’ World

December 24, 2018

David Powlison is the director for Christian Counseling Educational Foundation. He spent a couple hours with us, teaching on sanctification and doing Q&A. To find out more about CCEF go…

Good Friday
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