The Purpose of Parables

October 20, 2019
Jesus speaks in parables not because it's easier for unbelievers to understand, but because it's harder, and also because he wants to give believers a deeper understanding of the Kingdom

The Sign of Jonah

September 29, 2019
The sign of Jonah is the resurrection. Jonah was a terrible preacher when he preached to the Ninevites, but they repented! And the queen of Sheba responded to Solomon. How…

The Unforgivable Sin

September 22, 2019
The accusation that Jesus casts out demons by the power of the prince of demons is so foolish that it reveals a wicked-beyond-hope heart. May all our words honor Jesus…

Lord of the Sabbath

September 1, 2019
The Sabbath is not for us to focus on what not to do, like the Pharisees we're accustomed. The Sabbath is a day to worship God and show mercy to…

Don’t Be Offended

August 18, 2019
John the Baptist had a small crisis of faith, but, he is still the greatest prophet who ever lived, but, we still are still greater than him in the New…