The pastors exist to shepherd, care for, and lead Kailua Baptist Church to be a community passionate about knowing Christ and making him known.

We believe we can do this by: modeling Christ-like behavior; teaching the whole counsel of God as summed up in the gospel; guarding the doctrinal purity of the church; faithfully stewarding the financial resources God entrusts to us to advance the mission of making disciples; ensuring the proper administration of baptism and the Lord’s Supper; caring for every member and disciplining unruly members; raising up and training future leaders to ensure the health and missional effectiveness of the church moving forward

KBC Elder Affirmation of Faith

The pastors of KBC subscribe to the 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689. To read that go here

Reid Honbo

More about Reid...

Reid was born in Honolulu and was raised in Kaneohe. Reid first heard the Gospel as a fifth grader at Hawaii Baptist Academy. Over a span of a year or two, the Lord made it very clear to him the he is a sinner and Jesus is the only One who can save him. So Reid responded to God’s call and repented of his sins and placed his trust in Christ for the forgiveness of his sins and for eternal life with God. Reid has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY, 1989) and a Master of Arts in Religion (International College and Graduate School, Honolulu, HI, 1999). Reid lives with his wife in Kaneohe and is the father of one son and one daughter. Reid’s responsibilities at KBC include prayer and the ministry of the Word.

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Todd Morikawa

More about Todd...

Todd was born in Honolulu, raised in Aiea and later, in Hilo on the Big Island. He was raised in a Christian home but did not really understand the gospel until he was 15 years old, when God changed his heart through the preaching of the Gospel at a youth camp. For the first time, Todd understood the substitutionary nature of Jesus’ death, that Jesus really took his place on the cross. After that, God gave Todd new desires, including reading the Bible, praying, and fellowship with other believers. Eventually, God gave Todd the desire to pursue ministry and granted him the opportunity in 2005. Todd has a BA in Communication (UH-Hilo 2004) and an M.Div. in Biblical and Theological Studies (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2008). He is married to Natalie and they have two daughters. Todd’s responsibilities at KBC include prayer and the ministry of full time preaching.

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KBC Elder Covenant

We, the elders of Kailua Baptist Church, commit to:

  1. Live lives worthy of the gospel of Jesus
  2. Teach in line with the KBC Elder Affirmation of Faith, Baptist Faith and Message, and the KBC Statement of Faith, and will let the elders know if convictions ever change
  3. Exemplary participation in the Lord’s Day gathering
  4. Regularly teaching publicly
  5. Monthly elder meetings
  6. Exemplary giving of finances to KBC
  7. Pray consistently for the Body
  8. Deal with sin and conflict in our personal lives and on the Board quickly and thoroughly
  9. Mutually submit our desires and wants to the whole Board of Elders
  10. Regularly and humbly enter into seasons of evaluation aimed at increasing our ability as a Board to lead and shepherd the church.
  11. Step away from the office graciously and carefully if the occasion arises.
  12. In the unique case the church has two elders, and a grievance is made against me, I would submit to the counsel of the other elder.
  13. In the unique case the church has one or two elders, and a grievance is made against the entire elder board, I would submit to the counsel of the Immanuel Network Council.