Sunday School Classes

A survey of all truth and righteousness

Our discipleship classes provide a pathway to grow deeper in our understanding of God’s Word and its application. We want EVERYONE to be part of a class… join one this week!

Sunday school classes are a great way for our teachers to equip the saints for ministry, in hopes that we grow in gospel unity (Eph 4.11-13). We try to have classes in every subject area of the Christian life: OT and NT surveys, systematic theology, bible study methods, parenting, finances, evangelism, etc.  This approach is preferable from dividing singles from marrieds, and young families from retirees, so that the whole church can grow together. Someone should be able to come to Kailua for an extended period and have every area of life at least touched upon by God’s Word.

Currently Available Classes:

Two adult classes:

  • Doctrine of God- taught by Michael Weichhaus and Keith Buczak, room 2 of lower building
  • “Rhythms of grace”- Reformed perspective on the spiritual disciplines, taught by James Curry, room 3 of lower building

Baptist Catechism: An overview of the Baptist Catechism taught by Pastor Rocky. For Jr. and High school. Sunday mornings at 9am in room 1 of the lower building.

Kindergarden to 4th Grade Class: Sunday morning 9am in the large below the chapel.

3 to 5 Year Old Class: Sunday morning 9am in the makai classroom closest to parking lot.